Monday, May 7, 2012

Mingle. Thing 2.

So I took a tour of some of the 23Things blogs and I can truly say that my blog title is not the least bit clever.

You guys are talented and busy! I look forward to reading more of your posts and tracking your progress along with my own.

An Interview with Me. Thing 1.

Why you're taking part in the course? Because I must learn new things on the regular, preferably using a hands-on approach. So here I am.

You could talk about where your career is now and where you'd like it to go? Yes I suppose I could. My career is in transition and I'd like to see it become a bit more stable. Will work for technology.

What you're hoping to learn from cpd23, which of the Things you're most (or least) looking forward to? I'm really looking forward to learning about and trying any cutting edge technology. I'm sort of a relatively early adopter.

How do you feel about being a blogger or how you'd like to improve your blogging. I feel super! I can only improve from here--right?

Anything else that relates to why you're doing this.Where's the coffee, did I miss something?